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AS/NTU Astronomy-Mathematics Building
Chair: Yee, Howard
Secretary: Hirashita, Hiroyuki
June 1, Thursday
Time Open
Activities Presenters Venue
08:30   Coffee and Executive Session Yee, H. Rm 1107
08:45   Executive Session VP Chou Rm 1107
09:05 Y Opening Remark Chu, Y.H. Auditorium
09:10 Y ASIAA Status Report  Chu, Y.H. Auditorium
10:00 Y Science Highlight Wang, W.H. Auditorium
10:45 Y Photo, Coffee Break 1F Lobby
11:15 Y Status of Projects
- Radio (GLT, ALMA)
Matsushita, S.
Lee, C.
12:05 Y Lunch buffet with staff 1F Lobby
13:20 Y Status of Projects
- Intensity Mapping - Pilot programs on CO and C+
Bower, G. Auditorium
13:40 Y Status of Projects
- Radio (SMA)
Hirano, N. Auditorium
14:00 Y Status of Projects
- Opt/IR (TAOS2, CFHT/Subaru)
Lehner, M.
Wang, S.Y.
14:40 Y Status of Projects
- Optical/IR research
Lin, L.H. Auditorium
15:15 Y Coffee Break 1F Lobby
15:45 Y Status of Projects
- International Collaboration  (EAO/JCMT, EACOA)
Ho, P. Auditorium
16:20 Y Status of Projects
- Theory (TIARA)
Shang, H. Auditorium
16:45   Executive Session Rm 1107
18:30   Dinner with IAA Faculty (leave IAA on 18:00)
(Transportation arranged for panel members mainly.)
Restaurant: Su-Hung Restaurant @NTU alumni
June 2, Friday
Time Open
Activities Presenters Venue
08:45 Y Lab Tour
Wang, M.J. Lab
09:45 Y Coffee Break 11F
10:00   Meeting with Tenured Associate Research Fellow and Research Fellow Rm 1107
10:50   Meeting with Project PIs Rm 1107
11:30   Executive Session Rm 1107
12:00   Executive Luncheon meeting
(including Director)
Rm 1107
13:15   Meeting with Untenured Faculty Rm 1107
14:00   Meeting with support scientists Rm 1107
14:40   Meeting with postdocs Rm 1107
15:10 Y Coffee Break 11F
15:30   Meeting with Distinguished Research Fellow Rm 1107
16:15   Executive Session Rm 1107
18:00   Dinner with VP Chou (TBD) and Director, Deputy Directors
Restaurant: Yue Hua Shyuan
June 3, Saturday
Time Open
Activities Presenters Venue
08:45   Executive Session Rm 1107
09:15   Research Personnel Recruitment Umetsu, K.
Lin, Y.T.
Chu, Y.H.
Rm 1107
10:00 Y Coffee Break 11F
10:15   Executive Session Rm 1107
11:15   Feed Back to Director Rm 1107
12:00   Lunch and Meeting with VP Chou Rm 1107
13:00   Executive Session Rm 1107
13:45   End of Meeting