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Quasar science with HSC: Toward the first results
January 14-16, 2014
ASIAA, Taipei

Oral Presentation

HSC-Wide Broadband Selection of AGN Ionized [OIII] Bubbles

Author(s): Ai-Lei Sun (Princeton) Jenny Greene (Princeton)

Presenter: Ai-Lei Sun (Princeton University)

Various evidence suggests that AGN feedback plays an important role in the galaxy evolution history to regulate the black hole growth and/or the star formation activities in the galaxy. However, there is no current consensus about the mechanism of the AGN feedback, e.g. thermal or momentum feedback, nor it’s relative importance compared with star formation feedback. There are few definitive observations of if/how AGN feedback affects the gas on galaxy scales. I will talk about an HSC-Wide broadband selection to select [OIII] emitting AGN ionized bubbles that extend beyond their host galaxies. Those systems have AGN feedback in action and will allow us to study statistically whether and how AGN impact the galaxies.

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