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Quasar science with HSC: Toward the first results
January 14-16, 2014
ASIAA, Taipei

Oral Presentation

HSC and X-ray Survey of AGNs

Author(s): Yuichi Terashima (Ehime University)

Presenter: Yuichi Terashima (Ehime University)

I present a summary of possible science projects by using combined HSC and X-ray data. I summarize the available X-ray data and projects searching for
``peculiar'' AGNs such as highly accreting/low-mass BHs, optically or X-ray faint
populations, and quasars at z>4. Next I present current status of searching for quasars at z~4 and 5 by using XMM LSS and CFHT-LS data, and discuss prospects for quasar searches using HSC and X-ray data.

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