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Quasar science with HSC: Toward the first results
January 14-16, 2014
ASIAA, Taipei

Oral Presentation

Perspectives of theoretical modeling of galaxy and AGN formation

Author(s): Masahiro Nagashima (Nagasaki University)

Presenter: Masahiro Nagashima (Nagasaki University)

We present the current status of theoretical modeling of galaxy and AGN formation within the cold dark matter cosmological model. The seim-aanalytically constructed model has developed based on multi-scale numerical simulations, that is, cosmological N-body simulations for constructing merger trees of dark matter halos, galaxy evolution simulations for understanding merger processes of galaxies and subsequent feeding of gas onto the central region of the merged galaxy, and radiative hydrodynamical simulations around supermassive black holes. We also present how this model supports the AGN survey.

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