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2010 CFHT Users Meeting
November 16-18, 2010
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan


Total number: 116
1 Stephane Arnouts CFHT
[Poster] EMphot : Photometric Software with Bayesian Priors. Application to GALEX
2 Herve Aussel AIM Paris Saclay
[Oral Presentation] CFHTLS: The Distant Universe
3 Gregory Barrick CFHT
4 Steven Bauman Canada France Hawaii Telescope Corporation
5 Jean-Luc Beuzit INSU & Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Grenoble
6 John Blakeslee Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
7 Piercarlo Bonifacio GEPI-Observatoire de Paris, CNRS, Univ. Paris Diderot
[Oral Presentation] GYES a multi-object fibre-fed spectrograph for the CFHT prime focus
8 Denis Burgarella Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
[Poster] On the use of medium bands for `IMAKA
9 Raymond Carlberg University of Toronto
10 Claude Catala LESIA, Observatoire de Paris
11 Vivien Chen National Tsing Hua University
12 Ying-Tung Chen National Central University
[Oral Presentation] The size distribution of high inclination TNOs in NGVS
13 Mark Chun Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
[Oral Presentation] `IMAKA - the ultimate wide-field imager for CFHT
14 Thierry Contini Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Toulouse-Tarbes
15 Patrick Cote Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics (NRC)
[Oral Presentation] A Next Generation CFHT. I. The Science Case
16 Stephanie Cote NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
17 Jean Coupon Tohoku University
[Oral Presentation] Halo Occupation Distribution in the CFHTLS Wide
18 Dennis Crabtree NRC-HIA
[Oral Presentation] CFHT's Scientific Productivity and Impact
19 David Crampton NRC/HIA
[Oral Presentation] A Next Generation CFHT. II. Technical Details
20 Bryce Croll University of Toronto
[Oral Presentation] Thermal Emission of Transiting Exoplanets - and the applications of precise near-infrared photometry from brown dwarfs to Super-Earths
21 Jean-Gabriel Cuby LAM - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
[Oral Presentation] CFHQSIR:searching z ~ 7 quasars with WIRCam in the CFHT-LS Wide fields.
22 Michael De robertis York University/ CFHT Board
23 Philippe Delorme Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Grenoble
[Oral Presentation] Brown Dwarfs from the CFBDS: Their Space Density and Ultracool Atmospheres
24 Daniel Devost CFHT
[Poster] High precision photometry with WIRCam at the CFHT
25 Jean-Francois Donati CNRS / Observatoire Midi Pyrenees
[Oral Presentation] MaPP -
26 René Doyon Unliversite de Montreal
[Oral Presentation] SPIRou
27 Laurent Drissen Université Laval, Québec
[Oral Presentation] SITELLE - A wide-field imaging Fourier transform spectrometer for the CFHT
28 Pierre-Alain Duc AIM Paris-Saclay
[Oral Presentation] Deep imaging of early-type galaxies with MegaCam
29 Trent Dupuy CfA/SAO
[Oral Presentation] Parallaxes for Ultracool Dwarfs from High-Precision WIRCam Astrometry
30 Gregory Fahlman National Research Council - Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
31 Laura Ferrarese NRC/HIA
[Oral Presentation] The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey: First Science Results
32 Sebastien Foucaud National Taiwan Normal University
[Oral Presentation] An unbiased exploration of the properties of the Universe at z~2-3
33 Brett Gladman University of British Columbia
[Oral Presentation] The vertical Solar System
34 Jason Grunhut Royal Military College of Canada
[Oral Presentation] Systematic detection of magnetic fields in cool, massive supergiants
35 Stephen Gwyn CADC
[Oral Presentation] MegaPipe: 2000 Square Degrees of ugriz Imaging.
36 Donald Hall Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
37 Yasuhiro Hashimoto Department of Earth Sciences, National Taiwan Normal University
38 Hiroyuki Hirashita ASIAA
[Poster] A simple theory for the sub-millimeter galaxies and their relation to Lyman-alpha emitters
39 Kevin Ho CFHT
[Poster] Seeing Characterization Instruments at CFHT: MKAM, LSI and DIMM
40 Bau-Ching Hsieh ASIAA
[Poster] The Red-Sequence Cluster Survey 2
41 Chih-Chiang Hsieh National Tsing Hua University/ASIAA
42 Kuiyun Huang ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Investigation of Origin of Optically Dark Gamma-ray Bursts with CFHT
43 Regina Huang National Tsing Hua University
44 Wing-Huen Ip National Central University
45 Jennifer Karr ASIAA
46 JJ Kavelaars National Research Council
[Oral Presentation] CFHTLS: The local universe.
47 Sun-Kun King ASIAA
48 Albert Kong National Tsing Hua University
49 Olivier Lai Canada France Hawaii Telescope
[Poster] Image Quality and performance results of GLAO and OTCCD simulations for `IMAKA.
50 Shih-Ping Lai National Tsing Hua University
51 Rosine Lallement LATMOS/IPSL
[Oral Presentation] GYES and 3D mapping of the galactic ISM
52 Hsu-Tai Lee ASIAA
53 Typhoon Lee ASIAA
54 Ran Li Department of astronomy ,Peking University
55 Yang-Shyang Li KIAA, Beijing
56 Danie Liang Academia Sinica
57 Ying Liao NCU
58 Jeremy Lim University of Hong Kong
[Poster] A Molecular Hydrogen Nebula in the Central Cd Galaxy of the Perseus Cluster
59 Hsing-Wen Lin National Central University
60 Kai-Yang Lin ASIAA
61 Lihwai Lin ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Studying high-redshift galaxies with WIRCAM in GOODS-N
62 Chengze Liu Peking University
63 Chun-Fan Liu ASIAA
64 David Loop NRC/HIA
65 Ting-Ni Lu National Tsing Hua University
[Oral Presentation] Utilizing CFHT/MegaCam Images for Identifying X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
66 Makler Martin Brazilian Center for Physics Research
67 Alan Mcconnachie HIA/DAO
[Oral Presentation] The Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey
68 Henry Joy Mccracken IAP
[Oral Presentation] Connecting galaxies and dark matter: watching haloes fill with stars
69 Robert Mclaren University of Hawaii
70 Jose´ Renan de Medeiros Universidade Fdedral Do Rio Grande Do Norte
71 Yannick Mellier IAP
[Oral Presentation] The final CFHTLS release T0007
72 Young Chol Minh KASI
73 Denis Mourard OCA/UNS/FIZEAU
74 Jose´ Dias do Nascimento junior Universidade Fdedral Do Rio Grande Do Norte
75 Coralie Neiner Observatoire de Paris-Meudon
76 Chow Choong Ngeow National Central University
[Poster] Cepheids and Long Period Variables in NGC 4258
77 Francois Patrick Observatoire de Paris
[Oral Presentation] Science with GYES
78 Eric Peng Peking University
[Oral Presentation] Chinese Astronomy and the Telescope Access Program
79 Guy Perrin Observatoire de Paris / LESIA
[Oral Presentation] 'OHANA IKI first fringes, on the way to linking Gemini and CFHT
80 Jean-Marc Petit CNRS / Université de Franche-Comté
[Oral Presentation] `IMAKA science : Solar System
81 Marguerite Pierre CEA Saclay
[Oral Presentation] A joint MegaCam/eRosita deep survey at the NEP (2012-2015)
82 Chiang Poshih Graduate Institute of Astronomy, National Central University
83 René Racine Association of Canadian Uniersities for Research in Astronomy (ACURA)
[Oral Presentation] Image Quality Improvements through Thermal Imbalances and Telescope Optics Corrections
84 Nicolas Regnault LPNHE - CNRS - Universites Paris 6 & 7
[Poster] The SNDice Photometric Calibration System @ CFHT
85 Harvey Richer UBC
[Oral Presentation] `IMAKA science
86 Scott Roberts NRC Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics
87 Daniel Rouan LESIA - Observatoire de Paris
[Oral Presentation] Searching for transiting extrasolar planets : the follow-up programme of the CoRoT satellite at CFHT
88 Derrick Salmon CFHT
[Poster] Dome venting at CFHT
89 David Sanders University of Hawaii
90 David Schade National Research Council
91 Genevieve Soucail Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse
92 Kate Su Steward Observatory, University of Arizona
93 Yu-Nung Su ASIAA
94 Ronald Taam ASIAA
95 Hiro Takami ASIAA
96 Karun Thanjavur CFHT
[Oral Presentation] Tracing galaxy evolution in cluster environments using matched optical and weak lensing cluster catalogs for CFHTLS-Wide fields
97 Patrick Tsai National Central University
98 Catherine Turon GEPI, Observatoire de Paris
[Oral Presentation] Current status of the GAIA mission and the importance of complementary ground-based observations
99 Yuji Urata NCU
[Oral Presentation] Ultra-bright optical transient and related host galaxy identification by CFHT/MegaCam
100 Ludovic Van waerbeke University of British Columbia
[Oral Presentation] Weak lensing science with CFHTLenS
101 Christian Veillet CFHT
102 Gregg Wade Royal Military College
[Oral Presentation] The MiMeS Project: Magnetism in Massive Stars
103 Andrew Wang ASIAA
104 Ju-Pin Wang Taipei Community College
105 Pin wei Wang National Taiwan Normal University
106 Shiang-Yu Wang ASIAA
107 Wei-Hao Wang ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Ultradeep WIRCam Ks Imaging in the GOODS-N
108 Thomas Widemann LESIA - Observatoire de Paris
[Oral Presentation] Solar System Science with SPIRou
109 Jon Willis University of Victoria
[Oral Presentation] The XMM Large Scale Structure Survey
110 Chris Willott CADC, NRC-HIA
[Oral Presentation] The WIRCam Infrared Deep Survey
111 Kanoa Withington CFHT
112 Bonfils Xavier Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Grenoble
113 Chi-Hung Yan ASIAA
[Poster] The Current Status and Future Development of WIRCam Pipeline
114 Howard Yee Univ. of Toronto
[Oral Presentation] Finding High-Redshift Galaxy Clusters: the RCS2 and SpARCS Surveys
115 Frederic Zamkotsian Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille
[Poster] MOEMS-based MOS spectrograph at CFHT
116 Chao Zhai University of Science and Technology of China
[Poster] the parallel controllable fiber positioning system of LAMSOT