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2010 CFHT Users Meeting
November 16-18, 2010
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan


The poster boards can accommodate posters of up to 90 cm in WIDTH and 140 cm in HEIGHT. Posters in either "portrait" or "landscape" format smaller than this dimension can be fitted on the board. An A0 size poster (120 cm by 84 cm), for example, can be displayed in portrait format.
Total number of abstracts: 20
1 Stephane Arnouts
EMphot : Photometric Software with Bayesian Priors. Application to GALEX
S. Conseil, D. Vibert, S. Arnouts, B. Milliard, M., Zamojski, A. Llebaria, M. Guillaume
2 Stephane Arnouts
The properties of low-mass star forming galaxies as seen by GALEX
S. Arnouts, B. Milliard, M. Treyer, M. Zamojski, E. LeFloc'h, O Ilbert, D. Schiminovich, D. Vibert
3 Denis Burgarella
On the use of medium bands for `IMAKA
Burgarella et al.
4 Daniel Devost
High precision photometry with WIRCam at the CFHT
D. Devost, L. Albert, D. Teeple
5 Hiroyuki Hirashita
A simple theory for the sub-millimeter galaxies and their relation to Lyman-alpha emitters
Hiroyuki Hirashita, Tamon Suwa, Yoichi Tamura
6 Kevin Ho
Seeing Characterization Instruments at CFHT: MKAM, LSI and DIMM
K. Ho, B. Mahoney, M. Baril, M. Chun, D. Salmon, T. Pfrommer
7 Bau-Ching Hsieh
The Red-Sequence Cluster Survey 2
B.C. Hsieh, D. GIlbank, M.D. Gladders, H.K.C. Yee
8 Bau-Ching Hsieh
The Taiwan ECDFS Near-Infrared Survey (TENIS)
B.C. Hsieh, W.H. Wang, L. Lin, et al.
9 Olivier Lai
Image Quality and performance results of GLAO and OTCCD simulations for `IMAKA.
Olivier Lai, Mark Chun, Jean Charles Cuillandre, David Andersen, John Pazder, Jean Pierre Véran, Laurent Jolissaint, Emmanuel Bertin, Derrick Salmon
10 Olivier Lai
ALOHA: Astronomical Light Optical Hybid Analysis
Olivier Lai, Damien Ceus, Laurent Delage, Alessandro Tonello, Ludovic Grossard, Francois Reynaud
11 Jeremy Lim
A Molecular Hydrogen Nebula in the Central Cd Galaxy of the Perseus Cluster
Jeremy Lim (HKU), Youichi Ohyama (ASIAA), Chi-Hung Yan (ASIAA), Dinh-V-Trung (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), and Shiang-Yu Wang (ASIAA)
12 Chow Choong Ngeow
Cepheids and Long Period Variables in NGC 4258
Samantha Hoffmann (Texas A & M), Lucas Macri (Texas A & M), Chow-Choong Ngeow (NCU), Shashi Kanbur (SUNY-Oswego)
13 Nicolas Regnault
The SNDice Photometric Calibration System @ CFHT
Nicolas Regnault, for the SNDice collaboration
14 Derrick Salmon
Dome venting at CFHT
D. Salmon
15 Derrick Salmon
CFHT thermal environment
D. Salmon, K. Ho, S. Bauman
16 Karun Thanjavur
Automated Service Observing (ASO) - realtime scheduling of astronomical observations using Artificial Intelligence
B. Mahoney, K. Thanjavur
17 Gregg Wade
Time resolved spectrocsopic analysis of the roAp star 33 Lib
M. Sachkov (INASAN), M. Hareter (Vienna University), T. Ryabchikova (INASAN, Vienna University), G. Wade (Department of Physics, Royal Military College of Canada), O. Kochukhov (Uppsala University), W.W. Weiss (Vienna University)
18 Chi-Hung Yan
The Current Status and Future Development of WIRCam Pipeline
Chi-Hung Yan and WIRCam software team
19 Frederic Zamkotsian
MOEMS-based MOS spectrograph at CFHT
F. Zamkotsian, P. Spano, L. Martin, M. Riva, P. Lanzoni, F. Zerbi, L. Valenziano, L. Nicastro
20 Chao Zhai
the parallel controllable fiber positioning system of LAMSOT
Zhai Chao, Chu Jiaru, Hu Hongzhuan, Wang Jianping, Liu Zhigang
Oral Presentations
Total number of abstracts: 48
1 Herve Aussel
Nov 17 08:45
Invited CFHTLS: The Distant Universe
Abstract Presentation
Hervé Aussel on behalf of the CFHTLS Steering Group
2 Piercarlo Bonifacio
Nov 16 14:10
Invited GYES a multi-object fibre-fed spectrograph for the CFHT prime focus
Abstract Presentation
P. Bonifacio & the GYES Team
3 Ying-Tung Chen
Nov 18 11:05
The size distribution of high inclination TNOs in NGVS
Abstract Presentation
Ying-Tung Chen, J.J. Kavelaars, Stephen Gwyn, Alex Parker, Wing-Huen Ip
4 Mark Chun
Nov 16 15:30
Invited `IMAKA - the ultimate wide-field imager for CFHT
Abstract Presentation
Mark Chun and the `IMAKA team
5 Patrick Cote
Nov 17 10:05
A Next Generation CFHT. I. The Science Case
Abstract Presentation
Patrick Cote
6 Jean Coupon
Nov 17 12:00
Halo Occupation Distribution in the CFHTLS Wide
Abstract Presentation
Coupon J., Kilbinger M., McCracken H. J., Ilbert O., Mellier Y., Arnouts S.
7 Dennis Crabtree
Nov 16 10:30
CFHT's Scientific Productivity and Impact
Abstract Presentation
Dennis R. Crabtree
8 David Crampton
Nov 17 10:05
A Next Generation CFHT. II. Technical Details
David Crampton, John Pazder, Scott Roberts, Kei Szeto
9 Bryce Croll
Nov 18 08:30
Invited Thermal Emission of Transiting Exoplanets - and the applications of precise near-infrared photometry from brown dwarfs to Super-Earths
Abstract Presentation
Ray Jayawardhana, Loic Albert, Jonathan J. Fortney, David Lafreniere, Aldo Bonomo, Michael Cushing, John Asher Johnson, Magali Deleuil, Claire Moutou, Eliza Kempton
10 Jean-Gabriel Cuby
Nov 18 08:45
Invited CFHQSIR:searching z ~ 7 quasars with WIRCam in the CFHT-LS Wide fields.
Abstract Presentation
J.-G. Cuby, C. Willott, C. Adami, L. Albert, S. Arnouts, S. Basa, J. Bergeron, B. Clément, J.-C. Cuillandre, P. Delorme, P. Hudelot, H. McCracken, Y. Mellier
11 Philippe Delorme
Nov 18 09:30
Brown Dwarfs from the CFBDS: Their Space Density and Ultracool Atmospheres
Abstract Presentation
Delorme P., Albert L., Reyle C., Artigau E., Delfosse X., Forveille T.
12 Jean-Francois Donati
Nov 17 14:40
Invited MaPP -
JF Donati & the MaPP collaboration
13 René Doyon
Nov 16 11:15
Invited SPIRou
Abstract Presentation
JF Donati & the SPIRou science team
14 René Doyon
Nov 16 11:45
The SPIROU Instrumental Design
Abstract Presentation
René Dyon, Jean-François Donati and the SPIROU team
15 Laurent Drissen
Nov 16 13:30
Invited SITELLE - A wide-field imaging Fourier transform spectrometer for the CFHT
Abstract Presentation
L. Drissen & the SITELLE team
16 Pierre-Alain Duc
Nov 18 13:50
Deep imaging of early-type galaxies with MegaCam
Duc, P.-A
17 Trent Dupuy
Nov 18 09:45
Parallaxes for Ultracool Dwarfs from High-Precision WIRCam Astrometry
Abstract Presentation
Trent J. Dupuy , Michael C. Liu
18 Laura Ferrarese
Nov 17 14:10
Invited The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey: First Science Results
Laura Ferrarese and the NGVS Team
19 Sebastien Foucaud
Nov 18 14:00
An unbiased exploration of the properties of the Universe at z~2-3
Abstract Presentation
Sebastien Foucaud and the UKIDSS-UDS Team
20 Brett Gladman
Nov 18 10:55
The vertical Solar System
Abstract Presentation
B. Gladman, J-M. Petit, J. Kavelaars, P. Rousselot, L. Jones, O. Mousis
21 Jason Grunhut
Nov 18 09:15
Systematic detection of magnetic fields in cool, massive supergiants
Abstract Presentation
J.H. Grunhut, G.A. Wade, D.A. Hanes, E. Alecian
22 Kuiyun Huang
Nov 18 13:40
Investigation of Origin of Optically Dark Gamma-ray Bursts with CFHT
Abstract Presentation
Kuiyun Huang (ASIAA), Yuji Urata (NCU), Myungshin Im (SNU), Minsung Jang (SNU) and the EAFON team
23 JJ Kavelaars
Nov 17 08:30
Invited CFHTLS: The local universe.
Abstract Presentation
JJ Kavelaars
24 Rosine Lallement
Nov 16 14:45
GYES and 3D mapping of the galactic ISM
Abstract Presentation
Lallement, R., Marshall D., Vergely J.L., Crifo F., Raimond S.
25 Lihwai Lin
Nov 18 11:45
Studying high-redshift galaxies with WIRCAM in GOODS-N
Abstract Presentation
Lihwai Lin, Haojing Yan, Mark Dickinson, Douglas Scott, Nicole Slater, Wei-Hao Wang, Chi-Hung Yan, Shiang-Yu Wang, and the GOODS-WIRCAM team
26 Ting-Ni Lu
Nov 18 13:20
Utilizing CFHT/MegaCam Images for Identifying X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
Abstract Presentation
Ting-Ni Lu, Albert K. H. Kong
27 Alan Mcconnachie
Nov 17 13:40
Invited The Pan-Andromeda Archaeological Survey
Abstract Presentation
Alan McConnachie & the PAndAS team
28 Henry Joy Mccracken
Nov 18 14:10
Connecting galaxies and dark matter: watching haloes fill with stars
Abstract Presentation
Henry Joy McCracken
29 Yannick Mellier
Nov 17 09:05
The final CFHTLS release T0007
Abstract Presentation
Y. Mellier for the CFHTLS production team (CFHT-Terapix-CADC)
30 Francois Patrick
Nov 16 14:30
Science with GYES
Abstract Presentation
P. Francois, Gyes Science Team
31 Eric Peng
Nov 17 09:40
Chinese Astronomy and the Telescope Access Program
Abstract Presentation
Eric Peng
32 Guy Perrin
Nov 18 14:40
'OHANA IKI first fringes, on the way to linking Gemini and CFHT
Abstract Presentation
Guy Perrin and the `OHANA team
33 Jean-Marc Petit
Nov 18 11:15
Kuiper Belt binaries: A window to Solar System history
Abstract Presentation
JM Petit
34 Marguerite Pierre
Nov 18 14:20
A joint MegaCam/eRosita deep survey at the NEP (2012-2015)
Abstract Presentation
M. Pierre - P. Predehl
35 René Racine
Nov 16 16:15
Image Quality Improvements through Thermal Imbalances and Telescope Optics Corrections
Abstract Presentation
Racine, R.
36 Nicolas Regnault
Nov 17 11:35
Latest Results from the Supernova Legacy Survey
Abstract Presentation
Nicolas Regnault for the SNLS Collaboration
37 Harvey Richer
Nov 16 16:00
`IMAKA science
Abstract Presentation
H. Richer
38 Daniel Rouan
Nov 18 11:25
Searching for transiting extrasolar planets : the follow-up programme of the CoRoT satellite at CFHT
Daniel Rouan
39 Catherine Turon
Nov 16 14:00
Current status of the GAIA mission and the importance of complementary ground-based observations
Abstract Presentation
Catherine Turon and Frédéric Arenou
40 Yuji Urata
Nov 18 13:30
Ultra-bright optical transient and related host galaxy identification by CFHT/MegaCam
Abstract Presentation
Y. Urata (NCU), K.Y. Huang (ASIAA), and PS1 transient team
41 Ludovic Van waerbeke
Nov 17 11:10
Weak lensing science with CFHTLenS
Van Waerbeke, and the CFHTLenS team
42 Gregg Wade
Nov 17 15:10
Invited The MiMeS Project: Magnetism in Massive Stars
Abstract Presentation
G.A. Wade and the MiMeS Collaboration
43 Wei-Hao Wang
Nov 18 11:35
Ultradeep WIRCam Ks Imaging in the GOODS-N
Abstract Presentation
W.-H. Wang, L. L. Cowie, A. J. Barger, & H.-C. Ting
44 Thomas Widemann
Nov 16 12:00
Solar System Science with SPIRou
Abstract Presentation
T. Widemann, E. Lellouch, C. de Bergh
45 Thomas Widemann
Nov 18 10:45
ESPaDOnS and WIRCam : from Mercury to Pluto
T. Widemann, B. Sicardy, A. Doressoundiram
46 Jon Willis
Nov 17 12:15
The XMM Large Scale Structure Survey
Abstract Presentation
J. Willis and the XMM-LSS colloaboration
47 Chris Willott
Nov 18 10:00
The WIRCam Infrared Deep Survey
Abstract Presentation
Chris Willott
48 Howard Yee
Nov 18 09:00
Finding High-Redshift Galaxy Clusters: the RCS2 and SpARCS Surveys
Abstract Presentation
Yee, H.K.C., and the RCS/SpARCS collaborations
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