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2010 CFHT Users Meeting
November 16-18, 2010
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

The XMM Large Scale Structure Survey

Author(s): J. Willis and the XMM-LSS colloaboration

Presenter: Jon Willis (University of Victoria)

Deep, wide field X-ray observations reveal the large scale structure of the distant universe as traced by massive galaxy clusters. The XMM-LSS survey currently covers 11 deg2 and reveals a variety of structures from galaxy groups at z=0.3 to massive clusters at z=1.2.
Wide field CFHT Megacam imaging has played a critical role in the detection and analysis of these structures. Galaxy clusters - especially those at redshifts z > 1 - provide a sensitive probe of the rate of structure formation. In addition, clusters represent natural laboratories in which to study the physical origin of galaxy evolution and transformation. I will review the science achivements of the XMM-LSS to date, focussing on using distant clusters as probes of high redshift structure growth and what we are learning about galaxy transformations in the cluster environment.

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