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2010 CFHT Users Meeting
November 16-18, 2010
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Oral Presentation

Thermal Emission of Transiting Exoplanets - and the applications of precise near-infrared photometry from brown dwarfs to Super-Earths

Author(s): Ray Jayawardhana, Loic Albert, Jonathan J. Fortney, David Lafreniere, Aldo Bonomo, Michael Cushing, John Asher Johnson, Magali Deleuil, Claire Moutou, Eliza Kempton

Presenter: Bryce Croll (University of Toronto)

I will present results from our ongoing program and our recently awarded large program to detect the thermal emission of hot Jupiters in the near-infrared using the Wide-field Infrared Camera on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. We have observed the secondary eclipses and detected the thermal emission of WASP-3b, TrES-3b and TrES-2b in the near-infrared Ks-band, and the thermal emission of WASP-12b in the J, H & Ks-bands. Such detections characterize these planets' spectral energy distributions near their blackbody peaks, and when combined with results from shorter and longer wavelengths, allow us to constrain the combination of the Bond albedo and day-to-night-side redistribution of heat in these planets' atmospheres, as well as their pressure-temperature profiles. During our large program we will observe the eclipses of many other hot Jupiters and answer the aforementioned questions for a variety of hot Jupiters so as to elucidate the underlying physics that leads to their diverse characteristics. We will also attempt to answer new scientific questions such as whether hot Jupiters are stormy deep in their atmospheres (through observations of eclipse-to-eclipse variability in the near-infrared), and how the timescales of atmospheric reradiation and advection compare as we descend through these planets' atmospheres (through combining thermal phase curve observations in the near-infrared with those obtained with Spitzer). Lastly, I will present new applications of precise photometry in the near-infrared to everything from constraining brown dwarf evolutionary models, to constraining the composition of the core and atmosphere of the Super-Earth GJ 1214b.

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