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2010 CFHT Users Meeting
November 16-18, 2010
ASIAA Auditorium, Taipei, Taiwan

Poster Presentation

The Current Status and Future Development of WIRCam Pipeline

Author(s): Chi-Hung Yan and WIRCam software team

Presenter: Chi-Hung Yan (ASIAA)

In the past few months, the WIRCam pipeline, also known as ‘I’IWI, has been upgrade to a new version. There are several significant changes and modifications implemented for enhancing the data quality and processing speed. With the implementation of parallel computation, the time of calibration and data processing is reduced up to 30%. Based on user comments, more sky estimation strategies are included. The zero point calibration is done with both standard stars and 2MASS stars in every camera run. Also, The weighting images of calibration frames are generated and will be included in processing pipeline for producing weight image for each exposure. In this presentation, the new implementations will be discussed as well as the impact on data quality and the future development of WIRCam pipeline.

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