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Cross-Strait Symposium of Astrophysics
July 1-3, 2017
ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan


Total number of participants: 38
1 Sarah Bird SHAO
[Oral Presentation] Halo K-Giant Stars from LAMOST: Kinematics and Galactic Mass Estimate
2 Defu Bu Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] Black hole accretion and wind
3 YIFU Cai 蔡一夫 University of Science and Technology of China
[Oral Presentation] CMB power asymmetry from a model of multi-speed inflation
4 Fuzhen Cheng 程福臻 University of Science and Technology of China
5 Hsu Chia feng national taiwan universtiy
6 LUNG-YIH Chiang 蔣龍毅 ASIAA
7 Yi-nan Chin 秦一男 Dept. of Physics, Tamkang Univ.
8 I-Non Chiu 邱奕儂 ASIAA
9 Jian Fu 富坚 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
10 Zhaoming Gan 甘朝明 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] Three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamical simulations of the morphology of head-tail radio galaxies based on magnetic tower jet model
11 Haritma Gaur Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] Optical flux and polarization variability of BL Lacertae
12 Fulai Guo 郭福来 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] Reversing Cooling Flows with AGN-driven Shock Waves
13 Hong Guo 郭宏 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
14 Kouichi Hirotani ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Very high energy emission from the direct vicinity of super-massive black holes
15 Luis Ho 何子山 Kavli Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University
[Oral Presentation] The BHOLE Project
16 Chorng-Yuan Hwang Chorng-Yuan Hwang Graduate Institute of Astronomy, NCU
[Oral Presentation] Host Galaxies of Seyferts
17 Xu Kong 孔旭 USTC
18 Shih-Ping Lai 賴詩萍 National Tsing Hua University
[Oral Presentation] ALMA Observations of Magnetic Fields around Young Protostar NGC 1333 IRAS 4A
19 James Lee Gbo Systems
20 Shuang-Liang Li 李双良 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
21 Xiaohu Li 李小虎 ASIAA & NAOC
[Oral Presentation] Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities in the Study of “Molecular Factories” in Space
22 Yaping Li 李亚平 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] Flares from the supermassive black hole in our Galaxy
23 Min-Kai Lin 林明楷 ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] Dust-free modeling of dusty protoplanetary disks
24 Chun-Fan Liu 劉君帆 ASIAA
25 Sheng-Yuan Liu 呂聖元 ASIAA
26 Hsien Shang 尚賢 ASIAA
27 Feng Shi 史峰 Shanghai astronomical observatory
[Oral Presentation] Mapping the Real Space Distributions of Galaxies in SDSS DR7
28 Iulia Teodora Simion Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
29 Sundar Srinivasan ASIAA
[Oral Presentation] The mineralogy of freshly-formed dust in AGN tori
30 Ronald Taam 譚遠培 ASIAA
31 Liang-Yao Wang 王亮堯 NTU/ASIAA
32 Ming-Jye Wang 王明杰 ASIAA
33 XIANGPING Wu 武向平 National Astronomical Observatories,CAS
34 Yongquan Xue 薛永泉 University of Science and Technology of China
[Oral Presentation] The Chandra Deep Fields: Lifting the Veil on Distant Active Galactic Nuclei and X-Ray Emitting Galaxies
35 Tseng Yao-huan 曾耀寰 ASIAA
36 Fangting Yuan Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
[Oral Presentation] The evolution of galaxies and AGN
37 Feng Yuan 袁峰 Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
38 Jing Zhong 钟靖 SHAO
[Oral Presentation] Identification of M giants in the LAMOST DR3