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New Era of Cosmology - Symposium on Inflationary Cosmology after BICEP2
May 4, 2014
ASIAA, Taipei


Sunday May 4, 2014
09:30-10:10 Proty Wu (NTU) Introduction and big picture
Part I: BICEP2 results & implications
10:10-11:10 Chao-Lin Kuo (Stanford)  
11:10-11:25 Break
11:25-12:25 Naoshi Sugiyama (Nagoya) Why is the BICEP2 result so important for Cosmology
12:25-12:50 Discussion II
12:50-14:30 Lunch
Part II: CMB science beyond BICEP2
14:30-15:30 Olivier Dore (JPL/Caltech) Planck & r: Status and Prospects
15:30-15:40 Break
15:40-16:40 Gary Shiu (Madison/HKUST) String Theory and Inflation after BICEP2
16:40-16:50 Break
16:50-18:00 Discussion II
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